The Risk Environment: 

Businesses and organisations have always faced threats to their successful operations from a range of hazards and risks.  What has changed significantly in recent times is the pressure from stakeholders to control these risks.  Against this background, accepted management practices to help control risk have developed, many of them becoming international standards or specifications, e.g. the ISO 9000 Quality Management Series. 

The challenges facing organisations include:

  • Developing and implementing the management systems
  • Integrating these systems
  • Satisfying key stakeholders e.g. customers, EPA, Health & Safety Authority, the public, NGO’s, etc. 

Management systems – formal or informal – are undoubtedly the way forward but to add value to the business they must integrate with the overall organisation strategy. 

The CRC Solution


Our Risk Consultants are trained to deliver solutions based on the “continuous risk improvement methodology”– See below. 


We help our clients implement and develop a range of risk management systems whether formal or informal.  We also seek to develop such systems in an integrated fashion where this is agreed and practical.  We help develop policy and procedure and train personnel from senior management down to the shop floor.  Our aim is to improve the organisation’s performance and effect change.  We use a range of;

  • Gap Analysis and bench-marking tools to identify opportunities for improvement. 
  • International Network of knowledge and experience to deliver best practice models
  • Customised training sessions to stimulate buy-in at all levels
  • Pre-certification audits      


** CRC does not provide a certification service as best practice demands that consultants and auditors should be separate functions.

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Management System

Typical Specification


  • ISO 31,000
  • Australian/New Zealand Risk Management Standard 360:1999
  •  Risk Management Standard © AIRMIC, ALARM, IRM: 2002

Health and Safety


  • OHSAS 18001
  • International Labour Organisation
  • Health and Safety Authority Ireland


  • ISO 14001
  • EMAS – Environmental Management and Audit Scheme







Return to Work


Ergonomics Programme


CRC also work closely with clients on integrating Risk Management Systems into existing quality systems. 

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