Risk Management for Colleges and Schools


The Issue

Managing health safety and welfare has always been an integral and a day to day activity in all schools for all time.  Today however, there seems to be a much greater focus on the issue and the seemingly ever increasing dependence on documentation to support the necessary controls.  This is set against an era of diminishing resources.  The question is how do you manage these issues in the optimum way with the available resources?

Common Problems


  • Increasing pressures from stakeholders Boards of Management/ parents/teachers/pupils/the wider community and the authorities.


  • Is your current documentation/procedures “saying what you are doing” or more importantly are you “doing what you are saying”. We often see a serious mismatch in practice.


  • Problematical school security, keeping pupils in and keeping undesirables out


  • Fire safety compliance


  • Poor accident investigation practice and procedure.


  • Inadequate Maintenance, poor return on spend


  • Pedestrian / vehicle safety interface


  • Contractor Management


  • Environmental issues e.g. oil leakage/excessive energy costs


  •  Substandard classrooms and infrastructure

In our work to date CRC Consultants have seen a wide range of approaches but what is clear is that often those responsible for managing safety yearn for a relatively straight forward and uniform system.  We have seen examples of where schools are trying to keep up with the documentation rather than the documentation supporting school management.

 The Solution

Based on our detailed experience with schools and other organisations we are well placed to introduce a relatively simple and straight forward management system which is based on a comprehensive audit (input) which can deliver a structured programme for improvement. i.e.


  • Necessary draft documentation (baseline system). Consisting where necessary framework safety policy, risk assessments and a set of tools or checklists to enable implementation.


  • Debrief or training for school management so they understand system concept, this can include Board members as appropriate.


CRC have worked with several schools and universities and can provide references as appropriate.  Our management system approach looks at the broader risk issues including health, safety welfare, environmental and fire. 




  • Improved school safety and security
  • Easy to manage risk management system integrated to normal management duties with clear responsibilities and roles delegated as appropriate
  • Knowledge transfer to staff with a set of relevant tools and references provided
  • Evidence of best practice to all stakeholders
  • Clear plan of action matched to resources
  • The audit can pinpoint relevant need for additional resources referencing H&S legislation and DOE guidelines.

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