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Coleman Risk Consulting CRC has designed a range of services which can then be customised for each client and can be delivered as a package or individual service components.


There will often be overlaps between such components, e.g. poor ergonomics can lead to stress, which in turn leads to absence and perhaps claims for compensation via Employers’ Liability.

Our service offerings can be broken down into the following components.




Risk Overview/Business Health Check

This involves a thorough review of systems/procedures and facilities in terms of Risk Management and all its facets.

This service should at least take into account all of the individual components outlined below.

Gives senior management a clear overview and Gap Analysis in relation to Risk Management.

CRC produces a clearly defined programme with objectives and targets and agrees a schedule of implementation with the client.  This should reduce costs in the long term, save management time and ensure that scarce resources are allocated to priority areas.

Should help improve staff retention, reduce absence and ensure keen insurance rates.

Ergonomic Assessments and Programmes

Work Station Assessments, Slip/Trips/Falls, surveys, manual-handling assessments.

We can carry out direct assessments or train employees as assessors, set up systems and procedures on Intranet, and implement solutions.


Reduction of musculoskeletal disorders, less absence and potential for claims.

Saves management time and allows for knowledge transfer to enable managers and employees adopt safe working postures.

Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Review facilities and procedures in terms of life and property safety.

Can include protection of critical computer functions, and training of fire safety teams.

Compliance with Fire Safety Legislation.  Preparedness for fire, bomb threats etc.

Protection of critical assets.

Improved Insurance terms

Business Continuity Planning

Incorporates three phases: emergency planning, crisis management and business recovery.

The result is a plan, which can come into operation regardless of threat, whether natural hazard, IT, reputation, environmental etc.

Cohesive plan which will speed up the recovery of and safeguard your business in the event of disaster.

Confidence for stakeholders including customers.

Competitive advantage.


Security Review

Review of facilities and procedures in terms of threats and risks to the business.

Safeguarding of employees and assets of business.

Accident Investigation / Prevention Review including training

Usually geared towards managers/supervisory staff training in the important function of recording the details of accidents whether to employees or members of public.

Compliance with Health & Safety Authority requirements for accident reporting, learning from your own mistakes and prevention/mitigation of litigation.

Contractor Control Review

Review of current controls and assistance with policies, procedures and permits.

Useful vetting procedure can ensure that contractors work in a safer manner and in accordance with your wishes.  Procedure for vetting out poor quality contractors.

Induction and Management Training

CRC can deliver induction and management supervisor training designed specific to your business.

Simple training programme, which can be rolled out to all new employees using own staff or CRC Consultant as desired. Knowledge transfer and compliance.


Carry out stress evaluation, develop policies and procedures , and deliver training to management and personnel

Helps define extent of problem compared to others (benchmarking). Implements solutions to reduce exposures.

Safety Statement Preparation and Review

Full review of documentation and production of templates and draft Risk Assessments.

Legal compliance saving management time. 

Project Review

Detailed review of proposed plans, sites or acquisitions from risk perspective.

Helps minimise expensive mistakes, e.g. slippery surfaces, inappropriate steps, concealed ducting posing fire risk & difficult to clean

Effective operation of facility following construction.

Compliance with legal requirements

Improved insurance terms

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