The issues

Most organisations struggle with keeping abreast of Health and Safety Legislation, whether existing or new.  Our consultants commonly find Safety Statements/Manuals with references to out of date legislation.  It is difficult to ensure references to legislation are kept up to date and perhaps even more difficult to maintain the vast amount of documentation and retrieve it when necessary.

The CRC solution

 1.Creating a Legal Register

  1. The CRC Consultant familiar with your business will develop a register of the applicable Health and Safety legislation appropriate to your organisation. This will be in a format which will be electronic and fully searchable.  Each of the Acts or Regulations referenced will be arranged as hotlinks so that they will open into the relevant legislation when on-line.  We will also assist you build in a section on relevant guidelines including at least some of the documentation references here.
  2. 2.Updating the Register

    On a bi-monthly basis, CRC will keep you updated on any relevant legislation emanating from the Health and Safety Authority as well as drafts which have been circulated forTwice yearly we will discuss with you directly the potential implications of legislation changes materially affecting your business.  This will involve a face-to-face meeting or teleconference as appropriate. 

    The service is purely limited to Occupational Health and Safety Legislation within the Republic of Ireland; however the majority of Irish Legislation derives from European directives.
  3. 3.Benefits

    As a client you have a single point of reference for legislation in the Occupational Health and Safety arena that could effect yourWhen needed you have the ability to download the full text of all Irish legislation when on-line.  There is no need to revise your Safety Manual/Statement each time there is a change in legislation (minor or major).  The Register is fully searchable, electronic and can be included on company safety intranet.
    Most importantly, it should assist you with compliance, save valuable management time and help gain the confidence of external stakeholders.  


Statements concerning legal matters should be understood to be general observations based solely on our experiences as risk consultants and should not be relied upon as legal advice, which we are not authorised to provide.  All such matters should be reviewed with your own qualified legal advisors in these areas.

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