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Accident Recording Review/Training


Many companies have vague and sometimes ambiguous procedures for recording accidents and incidents in the workplace.  Inconsistencies in information, delays and failure to report are a few of the problems that commonly arise.  This could result in; prosecution for failure to notify authorities; inadequate information for defence in litigation; failure to prevent further accidents for lack of accurate information; and wasted time in processing unnecessary information.  Additionally and most importantly, recommendations are not always tracked and valuable lessons are not learned from past failures.


Our Risk Consultant will conduct a detailed review and evaluation of existing procedures and forms with appropriate company personnel and help to establish best practise procedures. Medical and post loss management are considered.  The review would normally be followed by the introduction and presentation of a new procedure to management/supervisors and other appropriate personnel, which will also generate additional feedback to facilitate continuous improvement.  The accident investigation seminar is customised for each client focusing on special needs where necessary.  A template is available for review.  This seminar focuses on:

Investigation techniques

Costs of accidents and direct impacts on companies profits

The legal system and insurance claims and settlements.

Recommendation compliance and continuous improvement.


Management/supervisors achieve a higher awareness of the need to capture information quickly and accurately. Useful report templates are developed specific to client needs.

A more streamlined procedure is introduced which is user friendly.  Prevention strategies are focused on real rather than perceived problem issues. 

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